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Create Unique Vinyl Covers with A.I.

Introducing our new AI artwork generator from OpenAI, now you can easily create unique and eye-catching vinyl covers in just a few clicks. Let our AI take your inspiration to reality and be amazed by the results. Try it now!

"Astronaut exploring the moon on a horse"


Maximize Your Exposure on Spotify with Canvas

Discover the ultimate solution for promoting your music and create vinyl videoclips for your releases. Create stunning visuals that will help you stand out and take advantage of Spotify's algorithm, which favors releases with canvas videoclips.

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Spotify Canvas example created with myBeat.io

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A review from Demarzo
I do all my promo videos using mybeat. Not only does it have all the features but the quality of the audio and video is superior
A review from Camiel Daamen
I love myBeat! It's good quality, fast and easy to use!
A review from Franceco Tegazzin
Pa pe di poopi
A review from David Ivanetic
Using myBeat initially for Insta. The real value is exporting full-length videos directly to YouTube - a huge time saver.
A review from Boss Priester
I’ve been looking for an app like this for a ages. Would recommend!! 10/10
A review from strippd
Shoutout to the guy who made dis, 9/10

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