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Packed with unique features

A.I. Artwork GenerationPro Plan

Our AI-powered artwork generation tool provides a quick and easy solution. Simply describe the type of artwork you need, choose from a range of styles, colors palettes, and designs, and let our AI do the rest.

Video, Gif & Giphy Integration

Effortlessly drop and edit videos and gifs onto your canvas for a more engaging experience. Or choose one of the millions of available gifs via our Giphy integration.

Video overlay & FX

Add an overlay image to display additional information on top of the video, or add a glitch fx videos right on top!

No Watermarks & Branding

Enjoy your beautiful artwork without any distractions from watermarks or branding.

Spotify Canvas Support

Publish your vinyl clips straight to Spotify and reach new audiences with ease

Supreme Audio Quality

Enjoy the highest quality audio experience with your vinyl videos, now normalized automatically to compensate social media codex!

Customizable Track Selection

Select the best part of your track or even use the entire track for YouTube. Reach even more listeners and give them a taste of your music in the best light possible.

Match your bpm

Speed up or slow down your vinyl cover!

Resizing Video Frame Pro

Transform your vinyl video to perfectly fit your desired platform with ease. Choose from three available aspect ratios. Landscape for your YouTube content, portrait for your Reels, Tiktoks and stories, or the default square to fit your Insta feed.

Full Length Videos Pro

Publish full length videos up to 8 minutes on YouTube with myBeat Pro.

High Framerate Pro

Elevate your video experience with a high framerate playback of 60 fps.

Fade in & Fade Out Pro

Some extra smoothnez with fade in and fade out effects. This effect is applied to both your audio and your vinyl cover.

Reverse rotation Pro

The option to reverse the rotation of your vinyl cover allows you to stand out and be one of the cool guys, finally.

Who are we?

Jim Hendriks
Founder & Tech lead
Mats van Wijk
Commerce lead

But don't take our words for it...

A review from Demarzo
I do all my promo videos using mybeat. Not only does it have all the features but the quality of the audio and video is superior
A review from Camiel Daamen
I love myBeat! It's good quality, fast and easy to use!
A review from Franceco Tegazzin
Pa pe di poopi
A review from David Ivanetic
Using myBeat initially for Insta. The real value is exporting full-length videos directly to YouTube - a huge time saver.
A review from Boss Priester
I’ve been looking for an app like this for a ages. Would recommend!! 10/10
A review from strippd
Shoutout to the guy who made dis, 9/10